Metal is such a valuable material for so many industries. From copper and steel to iron and aluminum, most metals are highly recyclable, and industries that rely on these metals are willing to pay for previously used materials. For this reason, the market for recycled metal stays relatively good, and metal recycling centers are capable of offering payment for scrap metal being brought in.

If you are collecting scrap metal for recycling, getting familiar with the most profitable times to sell your scrap can mean you get more money. Here are a few good tips to keep in mind. 

Keep an eye on the current prices of different types of metal. 

Metal prices consistently change based on supply and demand. Therefore, what a recycling center will pay at any given time can also vary according to the market. You can find current price lists on a national level in different places online.

Keep in mind the demand can also be localized; a higher demand for certain metals in a specific geographical location could mean higher prices paid for those metals on a local level. So, looking at both national and local resources for pricing can be helpful. For example, the state of Kentucky publishes prices for basic aluminum and metal by the ton on the Kentucky Department of Transportation's website. 

Find out which metals are currently in higher demand and collect them. 

Certain metals can be in higher demand than others at any given time. For instance, if the aerospace industry picks up a contract to build a fleet of new jets created with aluminum alloys, the demand for aluminum alloys can go up. Therefore, the price of aluminum alloy given at metal recycling centers may also go up. 

By keeping an eye on current happenings that could affect which metals will be in most demand, you can build your collection of certain meals as you collect pieces to recycle. And, you would have a more profitable trip to the recycling center. Sometimes, holding onto certain metals for a while can heighten the profit potential of that metal as well. Another note about metal demand: demand can be affected by international collaborations. For instance, if trade halts with a country that is a known importer of copper, the demand for local copper could go up, and you could potentially make a bigger profit on recycled copper. 

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