Changing the interior layout of a home usually involves wall repositioning to either expand the size of a space or change the floorplan. Wall repositioning is a major undertaking that requires the help of a skilled professional, and the process is perfectly doable in most cases. Take a look at some of the most common myths about repositioning walls inside your home.  

Myth: Wall repositioning compromises the stability of the home. 

Not all walls within the house are actually supporting the structure of the house. Usually, you will only have certain walls that support the primary load. For example, you may have a centrally located wall that offers support to the roof, but the walls surrounding most of the other rooms are simply freestanding and not really supporting anything. Therefore, moving some load-bearing walls may compromise the stability of the home, but not all the walls will cause problems. 

Myth: Repositioning one wall usually means having to reposition several others. 

In most cases, repositioning one wall is perfectly doable without having to reposition other walls in the area. However, some situations may require moving or changing more than one wall. For instance, if you are planning to expand the size of your living room by moving one wall out several feet, you may have to elongate one wall to fully enclose the space. 

Myth: Having a wall repositioned is one of the most expensive changes you can make. 

Wall repositioning is definitely not one of the most expensive changes you can make to your home. Basic repositioning only involves dismantling a wall by taking down the drywall and framing and then moving that wall to a new location. If the wall is a load-bearing wall, the process can be much more in-depth because new support systems have to be in place to prevent damage to the overall stability of the house. Therefore, load-bearing wall reposition can be more costly, but still a project easier to afford than some other changes. 

Myth: Wall repositioning lowers the value of your home. 

Wall repositioning is not going to lower the value of your home as long as the project is handled by true professionals. This myth stems from the fact that sometimes, people try to make these big changes without the proper help and the change creates obvious and undesirable changes to the home. However, when wall positioning is done properly, the change will look like the house was built that way.