If you need to purchase a water pump system, you will want to purchase the best option for your home. There are a few different factors you need to take into consideration to choose the best possible system for your specific needs.

Factor #1: Flow Rate

The flow rate is how much time it takes the unit to move a set amount of water over a specific period of time. Flow rate is usually measured in liters minute. You want the flow rate to be high enough to provide your home with the water it needs, without the water pressure lacking. The right flow rate depends on the size of your home, such as the overall distance water will have to move, the number of faucets and bathrooms, and water-dependent appliances. The biggest the house, the more robust the flow rate you need.

Factor #2: Inlet Size

The inlet is where the water flows into the water pump. Inlet size is usually measured in inches. Generally, the bigger the inlet size, the more water can be pumped through the unit, and the faster the water can get to your home. If you are looking for a higher flow rate, you will probably also want a unit with a larger inlet size.

Factor #3: Maximum Head

The maximum head is how far the pump will be able to pump water on its own, without the assistance of another pump. The maximum head is why you often see water features all on the same side of a home or building, to reduce how far the pump has to move the water. When purchasing a water pump, you want the maximum head rate to be greater than how high you need to pump the water for the best operating results.

Factor #4: Pressure Rating

Finally, you need to consider the pressure rating of the pump. This is at what pressure level the pump can maintain the water. You need a pump that is going to be capable of keeping up with the pressure needs of your home.

When it comes to purchasing a water pump, you need to consider your home needs' flow rate. The flow rate will impact the inlet size of the pump. You also need to consider how far the water needs to move, which will affect the maximum head and pressure rating requirements for your water heater. For more information, contact water pump system contractors.