If you need to have a new heating system installed in your home, there are a lot of options for efficient boilers. These systems can use renewable energy and have more efficient designs. There are also several options for the type of heating that you have installed. Thus, you want to know what the best heating system will be for your home, and the following information will help you:

Choose Energy-Efficient Boilers

Start your heating system planning with the right boiler. There are plenty of options for energy-efficient boilers that will help reduce your winter heating costs. Some of the options that you will want to consider for your new boiler include:

  • High-efficiency natural gas boilers
  • Heating oil boilers that can use biofuels (biodiesel)
  • Biomass boilers that use organic materials (firewood, pellet, and agricultural waste)

The right boiler for your heating system will help make your home more efficient. They can also be integrated into renewable energy systems.

Options for Hydro-Air Heating Systems

If you want to have a heating system that can be connected to existing ductwork, you may want to consider a hydro-air heating design. These systems are similar to radiant heating systems but use a heat exchanger for forced-air designs. Some of the benefits of installing a hydro-air system for your home include:

  • Conventional forced-air HVAC designs
  • Uniform comfort and humidity levels
  • Easy to expand when you need additional heat

The hydro-air heating system design will provide your home with an efficient system. These systems can also be easily expanded with additional heat exchangers or radiant heating features. This can be great if you want to add heating to areas like a garage, workshop, or home addition.

Radiant Heating System Designs  

Radiant heating systems are the most common solution to heat homes with boilers. Today, there are more options for the way the heat radiates into your home. Some of the options you can consider for radiant heating include:

  • In-floor heating with tubing beneath the flooring
  • Radiant heating with conventional radiators
  • Inconspicuous heating with baseboard heating elements

The radiant heating systems give you many options for the type of heating you have in your home. They can also easily be expanded by adding radiators or in-floor heating.

The heating system that is installed in your home will be more efficient with the right design. Contact a heating system installation service and ask them about these solutions for your home's system.