Optimize the amount of space that you have for commercial services that are performed on your property and reduce the risk associated with an elevated terrain that contains rocks that may become unstable by hiring a commercial rock fall crew. During an assessment, potential dangers will be identified and you will receive feedback on how you can strengthen uneven terrain or have rocks moved.

Triggers And Assessments

Fluctuating temperatures, erosion, root growth, and the disruption to property that surrounds an elevated area can contribute to the formation of faultlines and the possibility of rocks coming loose from their point of origin. During an assessment, a rockfall crew will determine if active or passive mitigation efforts are needed.

Active mitigation is required when faultlines are deep or rocks have begun shifting, resulting in the high likelihood that large chunks of rock will eventually tumble downward. Passive mitigation is suggested when faultlines are not present and the land seems to be stable. Preventive measures are often used to maintain the property. 

Mitigation Methods

In a potentially dangerous situation, in which rock formations are likely to break loose, hexagonal mesh or cable panels can be installed. With either of these mitigation processes, the material will be installed alongside an embankment. The material will act as a brace. In the event that a large chunk from a rock formation breaks, any pieces that tumble down will be contained behind the mesh or cable panels.

Soil embankments are added to land that contains steep inclines that are not supportive of mesh or cable panels. An embankment can improve the strength of the property, especially if erosion is a trigger that could ultimately result in rock pieces breaking loose.

With a soil embankment, wire mesh is used as the base of the embankment, and fill materials are placed on top of the wire. An embankment uses environmentally friendly materials that can withstand environmental impacts. 

Protection And The Movement Of Fallen Pieces

If some rock pieces have already fallen onto your land or if a rockfall crew has inspected the property and has deemed it unsafe for the time being, hang signage on your property that will detract people from walking or driving across the areas affected. If any rocks have already fallen, make arrangements to have them moved from your property. Smaller rock pieces can be used for landscaping purposes and large boulders that weigh a lot can be cleared from the land.

Reach out to a local commercial rock fall service to learn more about your options.