If you have a drilled water well on your property, you more than likely have a submersible well pump down near the bottom of the well. A well pump that is not working correctly may need well pump service, but pumps are not easy to get to, and the pump is not always the problem, so calling in a professional service to help is typically your best option.  

Recognizing a Problem

There are some common problems that can happen with drilled water wells, and if you see one happening, it is an excellent time to consider calling a well pump service and have them investigate it for you. The most common is a lack of water from the well when you turn on a tap in the house. 

Water wells use a pressure tank to store water, but the pump in the well needs to keep that tank full, so if you are not getting water from the tap, the problem could be the pump, or it could be the tank. The only way to be sure what is causing the issue is to check both the pump and the tank. 

If you are not getting water and the tank is empty, it could be that the well pump is not pushing enough water to the tank. If, over time, the water pressure returns at the tap, then disappears as you use the water, the well pump service will most likely need to pull the pump out of the well to test it because it is not pumping enough water to keep the tank full. 

Low Water Levels 

A well that was producing water then stops may have a problem with the water level in the well. If it has dropped, and the pump is no longer under the water level, then the water will not flow into your house. The well pump service you are working with can check the water depth in the well using a fiber-optic camera that they send down. 

If the water level is low, but there is still water there, the well pump service can lower the pump in the well to get it back in the water. If you are in a drought when this happens, lower the pump may temporarily fix the problem, but if the well continues to dry up and the water level drops, you may need to find another solution for water until conditions change. 

Talk with the well pump service after they inspect the inside of the well for you. They may have some suggestions, like fracturing the well to open the water vein up or drilling deeper to try and hit a new aquifer under the existing well.

For more information about well pump service, contact a local company, like Hull Well & Pump Service