The chimney of your home needs to have maintenance done to ensure it is safe. After months of use during the winter months, you may need the help of a chimney sweep service. You need to have the chimney cleaned and checked for damage that needs to be repaired. The following chimney sweep services will help you prepare your home for next winter:

Cleaning and Inspecting the Fireplace

The fireplace is the first area where you are going to want to have it cleaned. The chimney sweep will start by cleaning the ash and soot out of the fireplace. Some of the other work that they will do while cleaning out the fireplace includes:

  • Damaged reflective brick in the fireplace
  • Problems with the chimney damper
  • Damage to the hearth around the fireplace

You need to make sure the fireplace is clean and inspect it for any damage. The fireplace may need to be repaired while you are having the chimney cleaned.

Cleaning the Soot From the Chimney Pipe

There may also be problems with soot in your chimney that may need to be dealt with. The soot can be a major hazard because it causes the build-up of resins. These resins are a fire hazard because they can catch fire when you use your fireplace. Therefore, you want to have a chimney sweep clean the soot from the chimney. This will help protect the fireplace from fire hazards to ensure your home is safe. This is something you need to do before using it for a fire. It is a good idea to have this done once a year to ensure your home is safe. If you frequently use your fireplace, you may want to have a chimney sweep do this more often.

Inspecting the Chimney for Damage

You will want to inspect your chimney for problems that need to be repaired. There is damage to the exterior and the flue pipe that can cause serious problems. Some of the damage that you may find during an inspection includes:

  • Cracks in the exterior finish of the chimney
  • Leaks where the chimney meets the roof
  • Problems with the pipe inside the chimney

The damage is going to need to be repaired before you quit using your fireplace for the winter months.

The chimney of your fireplace will need to be cleaned after a long winter of being used to heat your home. Contact a chimney sweep service like A & A Chimney Sweep for help with the maintenance your chimney and fireplace needs after a long winter.