Many people love their homes, but over time a house can run out of space. If you're in this type of situation and your home is starting to feel cramped but you don't want to move, having a home addition built can be a perfect solution. Depending on the size of your lot, the construction of a home addition can add a lot of usable square footage to your home, whether you need an extra bedroom or bathroom, or if you need a bigger living room. In order for a home addition to be successful, it is very important to hire the right construction contractor. Use the following tips to help you hire a construction contractor for your home addition project:

Make Sure the Construction Contractor is Licensed and Insured

A home addition is a really big project, and it should only be done by an experienced professional. Thus, when you begin your search for a construction contractor, make sure that the candidates on your list are all licensed by your state's registrar of contractors. A licensed construction contractor must pass an exam and fulfill all necessary requirements in order to maintain their license. In addition to being licensed, make sure that the construction contractor that you hire can provide proof of being properly insured before your project begins.

Look for a Contractor Who Specializes in Home Additions

Construction contractors work on many different types of projects, and many contractors have more experience in one type of project than others. When you're ready to move forward with your home addition, it is a good idea to seek out construction contractors who specialize in this type of project. Putting on a home addition is different than constructing a building from scratch, so you are more likely to have a better outcome if you choose a construction contractor who has worked on many home additions in the past.

Request Price Quotes from Your Top Choices

Once your narrow down your options to a few different licensed construction contractors, ask each one to give you a price quote for your home addition project. Always make sure that you get the price quote in writing, and ask for the quote to be itemized so you can have a clear price breakdown. Taking the time to request price quotes from a few different construction contractors helps ensure that you pay the best price possible to have your home addition constructed.