Installing a fireplace can be a great investment for your home, but there are different options to consider. Therefore, you will want to know some of these features that you may want to add to your home. The following fireplace installation guide will help you prepare your home for cozy fires during cold weather:

Options for Fireplace Inserts

The easiest solution to add a fireplace to your home is to use an insert. There are various types of fireplace inserts that can be installed, including:

  • Gas fireplace inserts
  • Specially designed inserts for firewood
  • Alcohol fireplace inserts

The inserts are an affordable option to add a fireplace to your home. The inserts are great because they can provide you with various options.

Firewood and Fireplace Installations

If you are planning on using firewood, there are other features to consider for the fireplace. Using wood materials creates some problems with the fireplace. This is due to the buildup of soot and resins, which is why you need to clean the fireplace and chimney regularly. Therefore, you want to consider using cast iron inserts or other specially designed fireplaces. These units are made with durable materials to ensure the fireplace that is installed in your home lasts.

Masonry and Metal Flue Pipe Installations

If you are using gas or other fuels, the chimney's flue pipes can be metal, but they will need to have a chimney box built. When you are using masonry, you may choose to have a chimney specially built for the fireplace. The interior flue can be made of fire-resistant masonry that is designed for these chimneys. The masonry systems may be more expensive, but they are the most durable and safest solution to install in homes with a wood structure.

Building the Chimney to Draft

The design of the chimney is also important. It needs to draft, which is when the fire creates a convection current to pull the smoke out of the chimney stack. The chimney has to be the right height and distance from the roof slope. Therefore, you want to talk to the fireplace installation contractor about the current chimney and if any improvements are needed. They can help with problems by extending the chimney stack to ensure the new fireplace has a good draft.

If you are ready to add a cozy fireplace to your home, contact a fireplace installation service like Southwest Brick & Fireplace. They can help you decide what the best options are to install.