The siding of your home makes up a big part of its entire look. In fact, the main parts of the home's exterior that come together to give it the style it has are the siding, the roof, the windows, and the entry door. This is why you want to put thought into the siding and choose what is going to help you achieve the look you want while giving you material that will do well in your region. Here is more on some of the more popular siding choices. 

Cedar shingle siding 

Cedar shingle siding is created from cedar, and the shingles are often stained to give the homeowner the desired color they want for their home. Some examples of more popular colors are shades of browns, shades of grays, or shades of other earth colors. This siding tends to be popular in areas where there is a lot of wilderness in the backgrounds of the homes, such as in mountain towns. 

Brick veneer siding 

Brick veneer siding is a type of siding that is designed to mimic the look of natural brick siding. However, the brick veneer option offers some benefits over real brick. For one thing, the brick veneer siding is very lightweight, so it is easily installed and it won't add more stress to the structure. For another thing, it can be easily installed right onto the surface of the home without a lot of work. 

Vinyl siding 

Vinyl siding is a type of siding that is made from PVC, and it is a very versatile siding because it has the ability to mimic the look of other types of siding. This means two neighbors can have completely different-looking homes, with one looking like it has wood siding and the other looking like it has stone siding, but both can actually have vinyl siding. Vinyl is durable and weather-resistant, and it doesn't have paint that will need to be retouched. Vinyl also tends to be a more affordable material. 

Stucco siding 

Stucco siding is made with a mixture of things like sand, cement, and lime. The result of having stucco siding put on the home is a rough-looking texture that will then be painted the color of your choosing. Stucco siding can give you a specific look, and it is commonly used in Southwest-style homes. It works as a good insulator, which is one of the reasons it can often be found on homes in desert regions.

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