As the owner of an office building, you are, of course, responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, and that includes the roof. The roof is sometimes an area that can be tougher to conduct maintenance or repair on, especially if you have a tall office building or don't have a ton of experience with roof repair of this type. If you are going to head up there and attempt a maintenance or repair task, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind.

Check the Strength of the Wind If You Have a High-Rise Building

You will always want to check the weather report before conducting any type of work on the roof, as no one wants to get caught in a lightning storm while standing up there exposed to the elements. But even if it's nothing but clear skies out there, you will still want to check the weather report to see what the wind is doing. The higher up you go, the stronger the wind can become. You don't want to risk a gust of wind causing you to lose your balance while up on your roof. Commercial office buildings tend to rise much higher than the typical residence, so it's worth keeping the wind in mind even if you don't have a skyscraper to take care of.

Ladder Stabilizers and Harnesses for Your Maintenance Workers Are Key

If your office building has a way to let someone onto the roof from the top floor, that is ideal. But if there is no easy roof access built into the building, you will have to get up there the old-fashioned way. Again, because of the increase in height compared to most houses, you need to pay attention to the details. If using a ladder, make sure you have stabilizers installed and someone to hold the ladder on the ground while someone ascends. Every roof worker should also have a harness that will hold them in place or keep them from falling if they will be working around the roof's edge.

Keep Your Tools Organized and With You at All Times

If multiple people will be working on the roof at once, make sure everyone knows where their tools are at all times. You don't want someone leaving a power tool on the ground and having another worker stumble over it. Speaking of power tools, the last tip is to make sure every worker has access to safety goggles, hard, non-slip work boots, and other protective gear while up on the roof.

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