Automatic doors are used in many different ways, including for people with limited mobility to access residences. If an automatic door in your home is not working the way it should, you may need to have a door repair company come and check the door and mechanism for damage and make the required repairs.

Residential Automatic Doors

The automatic doors you have in your home to make access easier are often oversized to allow wheelchairs or walkers to get through the doorway easier. Because these doors are so large, they can be heavy if the door opener is not working the way it was intended to. 

In many cases, the door is too heavy to open sitting in a wheelchair or while trying to support yourself with a walker. If the automatic doors in your home are not working correctly, calling a door repair company and letting them know what is going on with the door is an excellent first step. 

The door company will need to know what they are dealing with to send a tech specializing in these systems to get your door working correctly.

Door Inspections

The first thing that the door repair tech will need to do is to inspect the door and the mechanism to determine why it is not working. The more information you can give them about the problem, the easier it is for the tech to find the issue.

Automatic door openers work the same on residential doors as they do on commercials ones, and in some cases, the same parts are used on both systems. This makes it easier for the door repair company to replace any damaged parts and get the door working correctly for you. 

Once the tech has looked over the system and determined what is wrong with it, they can make the door repair for you. The tech will discuss their findings with you and estimate the repair costs, so there are no surprises when the job is complete.

Making Repairs

Once the problem is confirmed, the door repair tech will take the old automatic door mechanism part and make the repairs required to get the door working again. In some cases, the issue is electrical and may not need parts to make the repairs.

If the door opener needs some replacement parts, the tech may be able to use what he has on hand, but if not, the tech can order the parts, and in most situations, they can get the parts in a few days,