When you build a deck onto your home, it is essential that you take the time to add railings around the deck for safety. There are many options that you can choose from, ranging from pre-build railing sections to custom-made ones. As long as they meet the building code and are installed correctly, the railing design and style are up to you.

Integrating Railings Into The Deck

When your deck is being built, the contractor will need to install vertical posts that support the deck's frame. These posts are strong and go all the way to the ground, so having the contractor run the posts up above the deck can be an excellent way to provide support for your deck railing. 

Anchoring the deck railing to the frame will ensure that the railing will be secure as long as the deck's structure is in good shape. The deck railings must be extended to thirty-six inches above the deck surface to meet the building code requirements, so the posts should be a little higher than that to allow for a design that sits slightly above the deck boards. 

The deck railings can be built between the posts, but the contractor may need to add a few additional posts to ensure that the deck railing span is not too far to be strong and stable. The extra posts can be added to the deck frame before the deck boards are put in place and do not have to go all the way to the ground as the main supports do.

Railing Styles

Once the deck is ready for the railings, the contractor can build custom ones for you or buy sections of deck railing already assembled from any home center. There are wood railing sets, metal railings, and even vinyl railings that you can use on your deck if you find ones that you like. 

The building code requires the vertical slats to be spaced less than four inches apart, so double-check the deck railing you will use to ensure that they meet the code. This spacing keeps small animals and children from getting between the slats and falling from the deck. 

Caring For Railings

You will need to paint or stain wood railings just as you would the deck surface itself. It is essential that you give the deck railing the proper care to avoid rotting or damage that could weekend the railings over time. 

If the deck railing starts to feel loose, you should have a contractor look at them to determine if the contractor can fix them or if they need to replace a section. 

Contact a local contractor to learn more about deck railings.