Having your well water system professionally maintained on an annual basis is perhaps the most effective way to ensure your well is working properly and that clean, safe well water is being delivered to your home. However, in between these important maintenance appointments, it is equally important that you take the time to visually inspect your wellhead. This term refers to the components of your well system that are located above ground and can be easily checked through a visual inspection. Completing this type of visual inspection can help you to quickly identify potential issues and contact a qualified contractor to address these issues if necessary.

Checking Your Well Cap

The first thing you want to do when performing a visual inspection is to check your well cap. The well cap is located at the end of the piping that comes directly out of your well and is traditionally stamped with the name of the company who installed the well. 

When checking this cap, you want to look for any signs of corrosion or cracking that could lead to insects, rodents, or debris being allowed to enter the pipe and ultimately contaminate your well. If you spot any signs of damage, you will need to contact a qualified well maintenance contractor to have this problem further investigated and have any necessary repairs completed.

Check For Ground Water

Take a few minutes to walk around the area surrounding your well. If the ground feels soft or wet when compared to other areas of your yard, this could be an indication of high ground water levels resulting from a leak in your well. This type of leak can result in soil erosion, the formation of a sink hole, and the potential contamination of your home's water supply. In addition to locating and repairing the source of the leak, your contractor will want to complete some water sample testing in order to ensure your home's well water supply is still safe for consumption. 

Look For Signs Of Compromised Electrical Wires

From time to time, rodents and other small animals may chew on electrical wires that are left exposed. As part of the inspection of your home's well water system, you should be sure to check all electrical connections for this or any other type of danger. If a wire is exposed, be sure to leave the wire undisturbed and contact a professional to further investigate the problem. Tampering with potentially exposed wires could result in an electric shock if the current is not properly turned off. Consequently, this is a job that is always best to leave to the professionals. 

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