While individuals are likely to associate masonry with durability, there are still issues that a brick and mortar structure will likely be vulnerable to experience, and everyone that owns this type of building should have a reasonable understanding of the problems that it is likely to experience.

Crumbling Mortar

The mortar that holds the bricks together will have an essential role in your structure. However, it is the part of the masonry that may be the most likely to fail due to wear. When this starts to occur, the masonry will start to crumble or flake away. Once this has started, your brick structure will need professional repairs if it is to remain stable. Otherwise, enough of the mortar will degrade to cause bricks to loosen and potentially collapses to occur. Repairing mortar that has experienced this type of failure will require the existing mortar to be removed so that fresh mortar can be injected between the bricks. This is a somewhat time-consuming type of repair for your brick building, but it can fully restore it after this type of damage has occurred.

Split Bricks

The bricks are another part of the structure that are vulnerable to failures. When the bricks split or crack, they can allow moisture to enter them, which will lead to the damage worsening. Split bricks can be repaired using a couple of different approaches based on the severity of the damage that has occurred to them. If the damage is isolated to one brick and the crack is relatively shallow, there are patching products that may be used to fill it. However, if the damage extends across several bricks and is somewhat deep, replacing the impacted bricks may be the best option available to permanently repair the damage that has occurred. Only a masonry contractor will have the expertise to properly assess the damage to your bricks and the repair solution that may work the best.

Discolored Bricks And Stained Mortar

A major benefit that can be enjoyed by having a masonry structure is that the bricks and mortar have a rich and distinctive color that will give your home a classic appearance. However, the bricks and mortar can still suffer from discoloration that may take away from the appearance that you were hoping to achieve for your house. Luckily, a masonry contractor is often able to remove these discolorations by thoroughly washing the surface of the bricks and potentially using solvents that can remove pigments from the surface of the brick. While these contractors are able to remove many stains that may have formed, there is little that can be done for brick that has faded in color as a result of years of sunlight exposure.

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