The longevity of your house partly depends on whether its foundation is in good shape. Unless you are a construction expert, it's hard to tell when the foundation has an issue. Fortunately, some indicators can help you know when something is wrong and when you should call professionals for further investigation.

Remember that it's essential to call foundation repair experts when you notice a problem. Considering that the foundation serves as your home's support, you shouldn't take any chances. For that reason, here are signs that you need to hire professional residential foundation repair services.

1. Foundation Upheaval

Upheaval refers to the foundation's upward movement, and it's usually caused by high moisture in the underlying soil. This explains why heavy rainfall and plumbing leaks are associated with the factors that can cause foundation upheaval. Under such circumstances, a trusted residential foundation repair company will strive to reduce the moisture levels. From clogged drains and defective gutter systems to underground water pipe leaks and faulty sprinkler lines, they will figure out what is causing the excess moisture.

In addition, it's also wise to look out for foundation settling, the opposite of foundation upheaval. Your home is likely to experience this when the property's weight exceeds what the underlying soil can hold. The good news is that a reputable foundation repair professional can use steel pins to fix the problem. These pins act as anchors to help stabilize the settling foundation.

However, it's important to note that foundation upheaval and foundation settling share common signs. That's why you should only hire experienced residential foundation repair contractors because they will be able to tell the difference.

2. Patio Drifting Away

Just like the foundation supports your home, it also does the same for patios. A patio is usually constructed in a manner that makes it part of your house. Therefore, you should be concerned when your patio starts drifting away. Ignoring this problem means that your entire foundation might soon become compromised.

3. Foundation Cracks

It is hard not to notice when your foundation has cracks. These cracks usually go hand in hand with wall fissures and broken chimneys. You might even notice bugs such as millipedes and termites in your living space, and they enter through the cracks. Having such insects in your home is not only embarrassing but also a health risk as some of them carry microbes that can make you fall sick.

Are you experiencing any of the above issues? If yes, it's prudent to consult with a trustworthy residential foundation repair company immediately. Keep in mind that the problem might worsen if overlooked, putting the lives of your dear ones in grave danger. Contact a residential foundation repair service for more information.