If you have recently acquired a large piece of land, you may be looking to develop it. Before construction begins, however, you will need to survey the land so that you can start the planning process.

While you could hire someone to perform a survey on the ground, this process could take a long time and not yield the exact results you desire. Instead, consider a couple of the advantages of using drones to survey the property.

1.  Allows for Precise Measurements of the Area

One advantage of using drones over traditional surveying when trying to map out the property on which you plan to develop is that drone surveys allow for more precise measurements. On the ground, they still have to deal with line-of-sight issues if there are any hills or valleys, even if the surveyor uses the latest computer-assisted technology.

Also, if there are any areas that are difficult or impossible to traverse at the moment, the surveyor will not be able to get accurate measurements. They would have to take a series of measurements and come up with an estimate as to the size and scope of the area.

However, since the drones are airborne, they will be able to get a clear view of these areas overhead. There are no line-of-sight issues, and they can easily fly into and collect precise data about the terrain.

2.  Gives You a Detailed 3D Model of the Terrain

Another benefit of using drones for surveying your property is that they can give you a detailed three-dimensional model of the terrain. Using traditional methods, the surveyor can either take the measurements to complete the model or give them to someone else.

This process can be time-consuming. It also may not give you the intense detailing you may need, such as the exact size and height of trees or hills in the area. However, when using drones, they automatically map out a 3D model that represents everything that they read. Not only does this save time but also gives you precise details.

Especially if you will be developing a large piece of property that has hard-to-reach areas for which you need precise measurements and an accurate picture of the terrain, having a drone do the surveying instead of having it traditionally done could be quite advantageous. Contact a contractor near you who offers aerial drone surveying services to find out more about the benefits as well as the procedure for having the survey completed.