Wood is the most traditional material available when it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home. Despite the many other building materials that are now available to choose from, wood has stood up to the test of time and still remains among the most popular options on the market. This is because wood offers many unique benefits that newer materials simply cannot match. However, there is no such thing as a perfect building material and like all options, wood also has some disadvantages that you will need to consider as well. 

The Pros

Beautifully Compliments All Types Of Home Designs

While window replacement options such as vinyl and aluminum will look good on certain styles of homes, they simply cannot match wood's ability to beautifully complement any architectural style. This is especially true when discussing older homes that often make use of natural wood accents throughout the home. 

Can Be Easily Painted Or Stained

Wood can be easily painted or stained a virtually endless number of times without compromising the integrity of the wood itself. This means that you can change the look of your home's windows as often as you like without the need to buy new windows each time. 

Offer Amazing Temperature And Sound Protection

Wood offers amazing insulation qualities due to the fact that it is naturally a poor heat conductor. What this means for you is that choosing wood replacement windows will result in lower energy bills and help you to enjoy a more comfortable temperature inside your home all year round. 

In addition to helping insulate your home from outdoor temperatures, wood also naturally absorbs sound making it a wonderful choice for individuals who live in noisy environments and wish to block out outdoor sounds such as traffic or loud neighbors. 

The Cons

Requires A Higher Investment

While many homeowners will find that wood is the most economical option over the entire life of their new windows, this window replacement option will cost more upfront. This can be problematic for individuals who must stick to a rather tight budget when replacing the windows in their home. 

Will Need Ongoing Maintenance

Wood is a natural product, meaning that it will be susceptible to rotting, swelling, insect infestation, and a variety of other types of damage if it is not properly sealed and cared for over the years. Homeowners who are not able to commit to the long-term maintenance of their new windows may be better off choosing a maintenance-free option such as vinyl. 

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