Are you looking to purchase a home and have been curious about the new home construction happening in your area? Here are some things to know about buying a newly constructed home that you need to be aware of.

The Timeline

One thing to be aware of when buying new home construction is the timeline that is involved for the sale to go through. Unless the new home is completely finished and ready to move into, there is definitely going to be a longer timeline involved with making the purchase. If you are in the process of selling your current home or dealing with a lease that is soon expiring, you may not be able to make new construction work for you. However, those with flexibility and that have not yet sold their existing home could make the timeline work so that it's all timed perfectly. 

The Customizations

New home construction does give you some options when it comes to the customizations of the home. You'll likely be able to decide on things such as the flooring, the paint colors, the accents, and even the home's exterior. This will truly make the home move-in ready since there should not be much that you have to do to customize the home how you want it to be. 

The Warranty

A huge perk of buying new home construction is that it will come with warranties. The construction company will cover certain things under their construction warranty for things that may have gone wrong during the construction process. If there are problems due to the workmanship, then you will be covered. There will also be warranties for almost everything else in the house. The appliances, windows, roofing material, garage door opener. Since everything is new, you will have peace of mind that the warranty will still be valid if a problem comes up.

The Location

Finding new home construction in the middle of a city is kind of rare since builders are taking larger lots and building several homes together in a new community. This is due to having access to larger lots and the proximity of building all the homes close to each other. The location may not be as desirable because of this, especially if you are looking to be in a certain area. You'll likely feel a bit limited to where new homes are being built, and you'll have less control over things like what school district you buy a home in.

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