When you are planning renovations to your home, the foundation may be an area that needs attention. Some problems with foundations can get worse over time and cause damage to new renovations. The following foundation repair services can help prepare your home for major renovations.

Inspecting the Damaged Areas of the Foundation

The foundation is going to need an inspection before you can begin with any repairs. There are different issues that you want to look for when doing an initial foundation inspection, including the following.

  • Issues with cracked foundation walls
  • Problems with failing foundation footings
  • Problems with foundation drainage systems
  • Issues with foundation waterproofing

The problems with your foundation can sometimes be visible, but you want to have an inspection done. An inspection will tell you what repairs need to be done to your foundation for your home renovations.

Soil and Erosion Problems Affecting the Foundation

There are also issues with soil and erosion that you are going to have to deal with. There are a couple of problems with your foundation that can be due to soil issues, including the following.

  • Erosion near the foundation—This is a common problem with homes that are built on steep terrain. The problems with erosion can cause the soil that supports the foundation to be washed away.
  • Soft soil that causes foundation settling—This is a common problem in areas with softer soils, such as coastal homes. Issues with the soft soils can lead to structural damage as the foundation settles.

The problems that cause damage to foundations due to soft soils can often be corrected and prevented. Solutions like soil grouting, piers, and soil stabilization techniques can be used to prevent these problems.

Repairing Issues with Structural Damage

There are also issues with structural damage that could be due to foundation problems. These issues will need to be addressed when doing other repairs. Foundation damage that causes structural problems can sometimes be visible outside of your home on exterior finishes.

Dealing with the Foundation Water Issues That Affect Renovations

One of the biggest problems with foundations is the water that can come into your home due to damage. Therefore, there are problems with water penetrations that may also need to be repaired. Problems with your foundation that can cause water issues include the following.

  • Static water pressure
  • Dry waterproofing sealants
  • Failing foundation drainage systems

The water issues with your foundation can be prevented by updating the waterproofing and installing modern drainage systems.

The foundation repairs are often needed before you can begin the renovations to your home. Contact a foundation repair service for help with repairs to prepare your home for major renovations.