The spring and summer months are when destructive insects like termites become more active. Thus, you want to deal with these issues before the weather gets warmer and the pests cause more damage to your home. The following pest control information will help you deal with termites and other destructive insects before summer:

Identifying Termite and Insect Damage

You will need to start dealing with termites and other insects by identifying damage. The damage may be to your home or in other areas. Some of the signs of termite damage that you want to look for include:

  • Rotting logs in landscaping with white dust
  • Visible nest holes on exposed wood of structures
  • Visible flying termites and white-looking ants (the white ants are termites)

The problems with termites can sometimes be difficult to spot. Therefore, you may want the help of a professional pest control service to find the insect infestations that need to be treated.

Repairing Structural Damage  

After you have identified issues with termites or other insects, you will be ready to start with repairs. First, structural damage needs to be repaired. Some of the termite structural damage that you may need to repair includes:

  • Exterior seal plates (wood that attaches structures to their foundation)
  • Wood framing at walls and floors
  • Woodwork around windows and doors

The structural areas are often where termite nests are located. Therefore, part of treating the problem will be removing damaged wood materials and replacing them.

Removing Insect Nesting Grounds

The nesting grounds of the insects are also going to need to be removed. Some of the areas where you want to remove materials insects use for nests include:

  • Standing water and watershed
  • Woody landscaping debris cleaned up
  • Exposed wood throughout your home

The debris in landscaping and areas where there is exposed wood can be what attracts insects like termites. Therefore, you want to make sure these areas are clean to avoid infestations during the summer months.

Treating the Insect Problems

After the repairs and cleaning up landscaping, you will be ready to treat the problem. Some of the things that can be done to treat insect problems and prevent them from turning into an infestation include:

  • Spraying the landscaping
  • Treating around your home where insects get in
  • Installing traps to deal with nearby nests

The treatment of the insect problems may also include solutions like bait traps. This will attract the insects to the traps and prevent infestations from growing.

The termites and other insects can turn into a serious infestation that leads to expensive damage. Therefore, you will want to contact a pest control service.