Excavation projects that are for foundations or major landscaping work are often the types of projects that individuals most associate with excavation. However, there are many instances where the excavation work may require an underground tunnel to be created. In these situations, directional boring services may be the most effective excavation option.

Reduce The Need For Trenching With Directional Boring Services

Digging a very long trench is one option for installing pipes, cabling and other components that will have to be buried. However, this can be an option that is extremely damaging to the landscaping. Boring can allow for these tunnels to be made underground while minimizing the disruptions and damages that occur to the surface. This can make it an important option for properties that need to prioritize minimizing damage to the landscaping, which can often be the case when making upgrades or changes to a home that will be listed for sale in the near future.

Be Aware That Boring Can Impact Large Plants Nearby

While directional boring can minimizing the damages that occur to the surface, it can still be possible for this work to have an impact on large plants that are near the project site. This is due to the risk of the roots of these plants being damaged or disturbed by the boring work. Working with a professional boring service can help to minimize this risk as they may be able to use sonar or other tools to locate these roots so that the path that is chosen may be changed to avoid damaging the plants.

Have A Plan For The Soil Produced By The Boring Work

Directional boring services will produce less soil as a byproduct due to them being more targeted. However, they will still produce fairly large amounts of soil as a byproduct that will have to be managed, and projects that require these tunnels to be fairly long can actually produce very large amounts of soil as a byproduct. Have a plan for how you will either use this soil or dispose of it. If you are wanting to get rid of this soil at the end of the boring work, it is advisable to hire a service that can handle the disposal of it for you at minimal additional charge. For those that are wanting to use the soil in some way, it should be covered and protected until you are ready for it. A plastic tarp can be an effective short-term solution for preventing the soil from washing away or starting to grow weeds and grass.

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