If you have an outdated commercial property, it may be time to start planning renovations. When you are doing renovations to a commercial property, there are a lot of improvements that can be done for a more energy-efficient building design. The following commercial renovation information will help you update your property with an energy-efficient design:

Interior Layouts

The interior of your business is one of the areas where you want to plan improvements. There are several ways to improve the efficiency of your property with a new interior layout, including:

  • Allow natural light into space to reduce the need for costly lighting
  • Keep space open for a workflow that also improves efficiency
  • Creating passive heating and cooling with natural ventilation

The right layout of commercial interiors can improve natural light and the efficiency of buildings. Therefore, the interior is an important area where you want to have good planning during renovations. 

Mechanical Systems

You may also want to update the mechanical systems when doing major renovations to commercial property. A lot of things can be done for the mechanical system design, including:

  • Commercial geothermal energy systems for HVAC
  • Biomass and green fuels for commercial boilers
  • Heat pumps for more efficient AC and commercial refrigeration

Your business's mechanical systems can be updated with more efficient equipment when you are doing major renovations. The right improvements will help reduce your operation costs.

Renewable Energy

Another improvement that you may want to invest in for commercial renovations is renewable energy. Today, there are a lot of different renewable energy systems that can be added to commercial property, including:

  • Solar thermal energy for heating needs
  • Solar energy system with panels for electricity
  • Passive building designs for lighting, heating, and ventilation

The right type of energy systems for your business will help you keep your costs to a minimum. Since there is often a lot of available rooftop space, one of the systems that you may want to consider for your renovations is solar panels.

Exterior Finishes

You may also want to upgrade the exterior finishes of your property to improve efficiency. Today, there are a lot of efficient finishes that can be installed on the exterior of commercial property, including:

  • Synthetic stucco and veneers with insulated backing
  • Cool roof systems with skylights for natural light inside buildings
  • Energy-efficient glass for efficient passive energy solutions

The exterior finishes are some of the best areas to consider improvements to your business. They improve the thermal barrier and add features like natural light for improved efficiency.

Renovations for a commercial property can help reduce operating costs to make businesses more profitable. If you own an older property, contact a commercial renovation service like B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. to start planning these changes.