If you are serious about protecting your home from fire damage, keeping fire extinguishers throughout the structure can be an important step to take. This can allow individuals to quickly put out fires once they start.

Practice Using The Fire Extinguisher

While a fire extinguisher might seem like it will be a tool that is simple to use, individuals may have no previous experience with using these devices. In addition to making it difficult for them to know how to activate these devices, this could also lead to them being unable to effectively aim the fire extinguisher when they are using it. To give yourself and your family members a chance to gain experience with these devices, it is advisable to complete a fire extinguisher training course. In addition, purchase an extinguisher that your family members can use to get a feel for how they should aim it and the difficulty of controlling these devices.

Have The Fire Extinguishers Tested

Frequent testing of the fire extinguisher is necessary to make sure that its internal pressure is sufficiently high as well as to verify the integrity of the fire extinguisher's casing and its control knob. For example, rust can form on these components, which could make it extremely difficult or even outright impossible for you to press the handle or lever to activate the fire extinguisher. Typically, these inspections are needed at least every couple of years, but a yearly servicing is ideal. In fact, there are fire extinguisher servicing contractors that may be able to visit your home to conduct this work for you.

Place The Fire Extinguishers In Accessible Areas

While homeowners may appreciate the need to keep fire extinguishers in their property, they may store them in areas that can be surprisingly difficult to reach during an emergency, such as under cabinets or in closets. When a fire starts, it is critical to act quickly to put out the flames before they can spread and fill the home with toxic gases. One option for safely storing these extinguishers while keeping them accessible can be to place them in fire extinguisher storage boxes that can be attached to the walls. Furthermore, you will want to place these devices in any areas of the home that may be at a higher risk of experiencing a fire, such as a garage, workshop, or kitchen. Luckily, fire extinguishers are fairly low-cost so that it can be easy to provide your home with the number that it needs.

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