Your roof secures your home and safeguards it from the elements, intruders, and vermin. If you need professional installation for your new roof, consider working with skilled roofers. But when is the right time to get a new roof? For example, if you live in a harsh weather region, you might need to replace your roof more often.

If you want to avoid the consequences of a weak and battered roof, you need to know the most appropriate time to mount a new roof. Here are signs that you need a new roof.

Leaking Roof

When you notice that your roof is leaking, it's one of the signs that your roof has outlived its usefulness. It's easy to identify roof leaks, especially after it rains. You need to check your attic for signs of water invasion. Even. If it's a small leak, it tells you that your roof's efficiency is depreciating fast. Roof leaks that are concentrated on a small area of the roof can be repaired. However, if these leaks are pronounced all over your roof, it's time to call a new roofing contractor.

Your Roof Is Sagging 

If your roof is sagging, it signals serious structural issues. Prolonged water damage can affect the integrity of your roof's support. Damaged roof support coupled with too much weight, the roof can sag and bow. If the roof is too heavy, call new roofing contractors to install a new roof using lighter materials. Equally, you can call new roof professionals to overhaul the sagging roof.

Your Roof Is Too Old

If you've spent over two decades in your home and you've not changed the roof, it's time to think about a new roof. The materials used and their lifespan determine when you need to replace the entire roof system. Call a reliable new roofing technician to inspect the status of the roof. They can assess your shingles to determine your roof's average age. If it's nearing its projected lifespan, these roofers will help you install a new roof.

The Shingle Color Is Inconsistent

Your shingle roof has a unique appearance. When it's healthy and solid, it displays even shingle color all over. As time goes, shingles can lose their integrity and color. If you notice unsightly differences on your shingles, you should consider installing a new roof. A disfigured shingle roof poses safety risks, and it devalues your home. You should get new roofing professionals to replace it.

If you need quality roof installation, contact new roofing services near you.