Outdoor living spaces are becoming more common, and creating a space that allows you to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends can be very therapeutic. Creating a custom outdoor fire pit that is the center of the space is a great option, and there are ways to do it that require little maintenance and still provide the atmosphere you want in your space. 

Laying Out Your Space

When you are considering adding an outdoor fire pit to your patio or outdoor living space, you need to consider the layout and where it will best fit. The outdoor fire pit can be the center of the space and be the focal point where people gather if appropriately positioned. 

Positioning your outdoor fire pit so that you can get chairs or other outdoor furniture around it is essential, but you also need to consider fire hazards, so keep it far enough away from your home to ensure that it is safe to use. In some areas, there are code requirements that may dictate the fire pit's placement, but the contractor installing the fire pit should be aware of those rules.

Fire Pits and Fuel

There are many different options that you may want to consider, but a pit that is gas-fired means you do not have any ash to deal with, no smoke in the air, and no wood to carry to keep the fire going. The fire pit will provide heat and can be used to roast some marshmallows or gather around when you just want to be together as a family or have a few friends over to enjoy the night sky. 

In homes that already have natural gas in them, a new line can be run to the yard and attached to the outdoor fire pit to feed it. The line will need to be put in place by the gas company, but the contractor you are working with can dig the trench to the fire pit and make it easier for the gas company to install the gas feed to the burner. 

Once the fuel is in place, the contractor can finish the fire pit installation and any other work you need on the outdoor living space for you. When you are ready to use your fire pit, all you need to do is turn it on, and the flames will appear. 

Make sure that you ask about adjustability when you are shopping for your fire pit. After all, turning the flames up and down can be an essential part of creating the perfect mood around your outdoor fire pit and reducing heat output on nights that you just want the glow of the fire but do not need the warmth.