Civil excavation is a crucial process in every significant type of construction. Whether you are constructing a building, a bridge, a dam, or a highway, excavating the site to create room for laying the structure's foundation is essential.

However, not all excavation projects are the same. Hence, before deciding on a particular type of excavation service, there some considerations you need to make. These considerations involve the nature of the excavation site, as well as the purpose of the excavation.

Thus, to get the right civil excavation services for your project, here are the three considerations you need to make.

1. The Material Getting Excavated

In most cases, civil excavation involves removing the topsoil. However, you might need to excavate a hard rock surface or soil with large boulders in some instances. Thus, when choosing a civil excavation service, it is essential to ensure that the company has the necessary equipment required to excavate different materials.

A backhoe loader is ideal for soil excavation, but it doesn't apply on a hard rock surface. Hence, if you are looking to excavate a hard rock surface, you need a civil excavation service with an industrial-grade rock hammer for busting open the hard rock surface.

Sometimes, you have to clear large amounts of vegetation or boulders from the excavation site before the actual excavation of the surface can commence. Hence, in such a case, you need a bulldozer to push the vegetation away or break up the large boulders to clear the site.

In most cases, an excavation job includes removing different types of materials from a site. Thus, when choosing a reliable civil excavation service, it is essential to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to handle various materials at the site.

2. The Magnitude of the Excavation Job

Road construction involves excavating large tracts of land to make way for the road. Such an excavation project required a great utilization of civil excavation service to get the job done right and in a timely fashion.

Road construction also requires different types of civil excavation services such as:

  • Trench excavation: Digging long and wide trenches for strip foundations
  • Cut and fill excavation: Using the excavated materials to elevate sections of the road that are reasonably lower than others.

Therefore, you need to have a large excavation team that will handle different road sections simultaneously to get the job done quickly. 

When choosing a civil excavation service, it is paramount to select a company with a large fleet of excavation equipment and personnel to handle such a vast magnitude of work. Alternatively, you might have to consider hiring more than one civil excavation service if the magnitude of the work is too large to handle for a single company.

3. Condition of the Excavation Site

Sometimes, an excavation site has surrounding buildings, underground utility lines, or it is waterlogged. All these situations require specialized civil excavation services that fit the unique needs of each excavation job

For instance, if there are buildings adjacent to the site, the civil excavation company has to underpin the foundations of the buildings so that they don't collapse when the nearby soil gets excavated. Waterlogged areas require draining first; then, the excavation company has to utilize water pilling sheets to prevent the water from flooding the excavated area. If utility lines are running underground, an excavation company can either divert the line or use imaging technology to excavate the area without damaging the pipes and cables.

Different companies specialize in varying civil excavation conditions. Thus when choosing a civil excavation service, it is essential first to consider if a company specializes in excavation conditions at the site.