If you want to prevent problems with septic systems and your home's plumbing, the tank needs to be cleaned. Cleaning your septic system is part of regular maintenance. When you have septic tanks cleaned, more work needs to be done than just pumping the tank. The maintenance should include inspecting your system for issues. The following maintenance guide will help you with cleaning tanks and inspecting your system:

Pumping the Main Septic Tank

The pumping of the main septic tank is the first step in cleaning the system. Different work may need to be done to remove the lid and begin pumping the tank. This is often due to older systems that lack risers (pipes with access covers). The septic tank cleaning service may need to dig a small hole to access the tanks and pump them.

Inspecting Household Plumbing and Tank Inlets

Your household plumbing may also need to be inspected when you have the septic system cleaned. There are specific areas of the plumbing and connections to the septic tanks that need to be inspected, including:

  • The main lateral line
  • The main plumbing drain lines in your home
  • The tank inlet

The problems with septic tanks often back up into household plumbing when routine maintenance like cleaning is not done. If there is a problem with blocked lines, these issues can often be addressed when your septic tank is cleaned.

Checking the Distribution System for Blockages

The distribution system is also an important component of modern septic system designs. Distribution systems may have different components that also need to be cleaned, including:

  • Blocked lines
  • Solids blocking the distribution boxes
  • Blocked drain field lines

The distribution system may have problems like solids causing blockages at boxes or in lines to the drain field. Therefore, you may need to have the distribution bocks and lines from the tank cleared when you have your system cleaned.

Dealing with Drain Field Issues That Cause Problems

There are also issues with the drain field that may need to be addressed when cleaning your septic system. Some of the problems with your septic drain field that may need to be addressed include:

  • Clearing solids from drain fields
  • Restoring collapsed drain field lines

The septic system drain field problems can often be solved by clearing the solids that block lines. If the lines of your drain field have collapsed, they may need to be replaced. You can also ask about techniques like aeration to restore the drain field lines if they are not too badly damaged.

Whenever you have septic tanks cleaned, an inspection is also needed, and other areas may need maintenance. Contact a local cleaning service for help pumping your tanks and taking care of other septic tank cleaning tasks.