When you are facing a water damage emergency, it is essential to act quickly. It is necessary to know what to do to minimize the damage. Water can be extremely damaging and requires the right response to minimize the damage.

Action #1: Turn Off the Electricity

Water and electricity absolutely do not mix. When you know water has invaded your home and could have gotten into your outlets or gotten into contact with electrically powered items, you are going to want to turn off the power to that portion of your home. If you can safely turn off the circuit breaker and unplug electrical items, you should do so. If you don't feel safe doing so, get a professional to handle that step.

Action #2: Stop the Water

Next, you need to figure out where the water is coming from and if you can stop it. If the water is coming from a burst pipe or a hot water tank leaking, you will want to find a shut-off valve and turn off the water. If you left the water running with a plugin in the tub or sink, turn off the water. Stopping the water will help to minimize the damage to your home.

Action #3: Be Safe

When working to clean up after water damage, it is essential to keep yourself safe. You will want to wear waterproof boots, rubber gloves, and protective clothing when cleaning up after water damage. Always protect yourself first.

Action #4: Move Your Items

Next, it is essential to take the time to move your valuable items. Whatever is most important to you, you will want to move those items out of the path of the water damage. The quicker you get them out of the water, the better chance there is that the item can be saved.

Action #5: Think About Insurance

If your home experienced water damage, be sure to take pictures to document the damage so you can share all that information with your insurance company. Call your insurance company right away as well. They will send an adjuster to your property so they can take their own pictures of the damage.

Don't try to tackle the clean-up all on your own; call an emergency water damage restoration service to assist with the clean-up process. They will have the tools and experience to clean everything up safely. Cleaning up after water damage requires quick action, and a professional team can provide you with the labor necessary to make that happen.