Steel is one of the most versatile and efficient materials used in the construction industry today. The quality of the steel that you secure for your projects will depend entirely on the distributor you partner with to source your steel.

Choosing the right steel distributor can save you time and money, and it gives you the ability to deliver a quality finished project to your customers.

There are several important factors that can be used to assess the suitability of steel distributors so that you can identify the best distributor in your area.

1. Production Method

The way that steel items are manufactured can influence their strength and integrity over time. In order to find the steel distributor with the highest quality product, you must learn about the production methods used by each distributor in your area.

Steel that is processed using a blast furnace tends to have higher tensile strength. An induction furnace or electric arc furnace can also be used for steel production, but these methods aren't as reliable.

Look for a steel distributor using a blast furnace in their production line when sourcing steel for your construction projects.

2. Product Range

It's also important to evaluate the range of products offered by a steel distributor before choosing to form a partnership. You will likely need several different kinds of steel products for current and future construction projects.

Being able to source all of your steel through a single distributor can help you become more efficient over time.

Look for a steel distributor that offers access to both hot and cold rolled steel, coating and plating services, rebar, channel beams, and angle irons. This wide range of products ensures that your steel distributor will be able to provide any materials you need to complete a major construction project.

3. Accessibility

You don't want to wait on the delivery of steel materials when you are trying to meet strict construction deadlines. The accessibility of your steel distributor will play an important role in the future success of your company.

Look for a steel distributor that has a comprehensive distribution model in place. This could mean direct delivery from the steel mill to your construction site or the use of a fully-stocked service center to distribute steel products.

By partnering with a steel distributor that has an established and robust distribution system set up in your area, you can effectively reduce the amount of time required to access steel construction materials in the future. Visit a local steel distributor today to learn more.