A few decades ago, most homes had a main set of windows and then they also had storm windows — a second set of windows that mounted outside of the main windows. The storm windows were intended to serve as an extra barrier against the rain and cold. Often, they would be put in place in the fall and then removed again come spring.

These days, replacement windows and new windows are a lot better insulated and more secure than the windows of yesteryear. So, does this mean storm windows are unnecessary? Sometimes it does. But other times, it does not. Here are the instances in which you may still want to consider having storm windows put in your home, even with modern, efficient windows in place.

You live in a really windy area.

Today's energy-efficient windows are sealed tightly enough to keep average winds out. However, ongoing wind can be hard on the windows over time, causing the seals to break and start leaking. So, if you live in an area where there are frequent high winds, it may be worth having storm windows put on your home to protect your main windows from damage over time.

You worry about tree branches and other debris blowing into your windows.

One solution to this problem would be to replace your current windows with some made from security glass. However, this can be costly. Adding storm windows to your home can be a more cost-effective solution. The storm window, not your ordinary window, will then be hit by any branches or debris that fly into the home. The storm window might break, but at least your regular window should be left intact. It is typically cheaper and easier to just replace a broken storm window.

Your windows are leaky, but you're not ready to replace them.

Maybe your home's windows were insulated and well-sealed for a while, but now they are beginning to deteriorate. Ultimately, you will need to replace them, but you could put storm windows over them to buy you a little more time. The storm windows will help keep the wind from blowing through when the windows have some leaks.

If you think you might benefit from having storm windows installed on your home, reach out to a window replacement company near you. They can give you a quote and further discuss the benefits of storm windows in some situations. 

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