If you want to protect your driveway from damage, seal coating is important. This is a treatment that is applied to the surface of the pavement to protect it from weathering, wear, and ice damage. There are different types of seal coating and options that you have to choose from for your driveway. The following are some of the seal coating options you may want to consider for your driveway:

Clear Seal Coating Finishes

The first option you may want to consider for your driveway is a clear seal coating. These are special pavement sealers that are designed to protect concrete and other materials from water. This is a great option if you want to preserve the appearance of your pavements with custom finishes. You can also use the clear seal coating for other pavements and surfaces around your home. They can be used for patios and hardscaping. The clear coatings can even be used for outdoor tile in outdoor living space or other areas of your landscaping.

Sealing Layover Concrete Finishes

One type of concrete repair is a layover finish. This is a special technique that is used to repair damaged pavements and give them a new finish. Often, these finishes are designed to look like natural stone or other masonry pavers. Therefore, they may need sealants that are clear or a variety of colors. Modern seal coating is available in a variety of colors to create the look you want with a layover concrete finish. If you have an existing layover finish that is just grey concrete, ask a seal coating service about giving it color using a combination of colored sealants.

Colorful Seat Coating Options

The most common type of seal coating that is used to protect pavement is a colored sealant. These are often reddish treatments that can give your concrete an attractive finish. This is an easy and cost-effective solution to protect your pavements. If you have a stamped asphalt or concrete finish, the colored seal coating will improve the appearance of these finishes. There are also options to have custom-painted details added to the seal coating finish to make it more attractive. There are other colors that can be used for sports surface pavements, such as surfacing for a tennis court.

The seal coating of your driveway will provide a protective finish to ensure it lasts. Contact a driveway seal coating service to discuss these options to protect your driveway.