In most areas of the United States, a lush, verdant lawn is a necessity. It not only adds to your home's curb appeal, but is relaxing and beautiful to look at and possibly even a way to compete with the neighbors. There are many ways to achieve this look, but one of the easiest and most successful is to lay sod. Unlike grass seed, which can take several weeks to germinate and grow, sod already contains thriving grass, so it requires less care and offers almost instant results.

Benefits of installing sod on your lawn

1. Quick results. A seeded lawn can take an entire season to fill in and look beautiful. A sodded lawn is instantly attractive.

2. Better success rate. Properly-installed sod is almost guaranteed to result in a lush, green lawn. Grass seed, on the other hand, can fail to germinate, blow away in the wind or fail to develop into a lush, thick lawn.

3. Cost-effective. While the initial cost of sod is generally higher than grass seed, installing sod can actually be more cost-effective over time, when you consider that seeding requires more care, more fertilizer, more weed control and more water than a sod lawn that's already healthy and thriving.

4. Less care. Grass seed and tender grass sprouts require a lot of care. You have to water them well and often. (A newly-seeded lawn can require up to four waterings a day.) You have to fertilize them and keep weeds in check. And, you have to lay down straw to help keep the seeds from blowing away. You also have to worry about keeping foot traffic off of the newly-seeded parts of the lawn for a longer time period than for sod.

5. Healthier. Since grass in sod is grown by professional nurseries, this grass is generally more healthy than grass that you grow yourself from seed. Healthy grass not only looks better, but also requires less maintenance.

6. Helps prevent erosion. While rainwater will run right over grass seed and mow down tender grass sprouts, taking precious topsoil with it, sod helps to contain water and prevent erosion.

7. Install anytime. Unlike seed that yields best results if used in the early spring, sod can be installed anytime the ground isn't frozen. You don't have to wait for the right season to come around.

While installing sod isn't the right choice for every homeowner, sod produces an instantly beautiful lawn, requires less care and can even be more cost-effective in the long run. Talk to a professional like Deer Creek Turf for more information about sod installation.