It's never too early to teach your toddler to be safe around a swimming pool. If you have a pool, you should do what you can to make sure that the pool is secure. But even doing all those things, you should teach your child some basic pool safety tools they can use. 

The Starfish

In this case, the starfish refers to the position your child will be in. The goal is for them to end up on their back, with their arms and legs spread out so that they will look like a starfish. The reason for this position is that your child can float on their back indefinitely. Their face will be above the water, allowing them to breathe and keeping them safe until you can get to them. As long as your child is old enough to walk on their own, they can learn how to do this. The best way for your child to learn this is from a swimming teacher who specializes in teaching young children. 

The teacher will first get them used to being in the water. They will teach your child the starfish position, as well as getting them used to their face being in the water. Eventually, the teacher will also teach them how to right themselves after falling into the water. Your child will then be able to jump into the water, right themselves, and float until someone can save them. The teacher should make sure your child is dressed in normal clothes during the later lessons so your child is used to the weight. 

Swim, Float, Swim

The swim, float, swim method will take advantage of the starfish position that your child already knows. In this method, your child works to find the nearest safe place. Then they start swimming that way to get there. It's not going to be a pretty stroke; it's more along the lines of a doggy paddle. When your child needs to take a breath, they will flip themselves over to float on their back. After being on their back for a few moments, they will flip themselves back over, and work to swim towards safety again. This simple method of self-rescue will let your child get to safety before you can get to them. 

These methods will keep your child as safe as they can be around water. You should make sure that they learn how to do these things as soon as possible if you are going to have a pool at home. Securing your pool and all swimming pool supplies should be the first step in keeping your child safe; teaching them these safety tools should be the second.