Storefront doors are a fundamental part of your business and are generally one of the first things that consumers see when they walk in the door. Whether your business needs a large cart door or a simple swing one, your store can't function without it.

There are a variety of different automatic storefront doors available for your retail business needs. Different companies will organize their selections in different ways, but storefront doors can be divided into two main categories based on function and subdivided by use.

Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are probably the most common doors used for retail purposes as the hands-free design allows for ease of entry and exit while reducing the spread of dirt. Sliding doors are more effective for large spaces and can be doubled up for large spaces. This can allow you to better manage large amounts of traffic by creating a separate exit and entrance.

There are also extra-wide sliding cart-specific doors for storefronts with enough space to prevent people with carts from hitting the doors. Meanwhile, tight spaces with sliding doors may benefit from those designed to slide into itself through a hollow glass wall, rather than slide on the outside as with typical sliding doors. However, small spaces have more than just sliding doors to consider.

Folding and Swing Doors

Storefronts interested in automatic doors but that are unable to manage the most minimalist of sliding doors can use folding doors instead. These doors are made with sectioned glass panels that are situated on a track in such a way so that when the sensor detects someone near it, it will fold up. This can allow for hands-free access even without the typical sliding technology used in retail entrances.

Meanwhile, storefronts that truly cannot do any sliding doors or folding ones based on the space available can acquire automatic swing doors. These doors act similar to regular hinged doors a household might have but are opened by a sensor instead of with manual action. These doors have all the benefits of sliding and folding doors, such as hands-free action, with the barest amount of space.


As always, take the proper precautions when handling anything construction-related that could be done by a professional. If you are not knowledgable about door installation beyond typical hinge-set household doors, then you should strongly consider hiring a professional. Even swing doors meant for storefronts are very different from those in between rooms in your home and are typically also made of glass.

Storefront doors differ quite a bit in both function and the best uses for them, but overall automatic doors all provide a variety of benefits to your business including ease of access, hands-free function, and worry-free traffic management. When choosing retail doors, review the amount of space you have and the type of automatic doors that you want. Then, be sure to hire a contractor if you do not already know how to install retail doors.

For more information, contact a retail door installation service.