When you build your new home, you want to put considerable thought into how you craft your bathroom space. Your bathroom is where you may start and end your day. You want your bathroom to be both a functional space and a relaxing space as well. Here are a few bathroom trends to consider incorporating into your bathroom design for your custom home.

Bathroom Design Trend #1: Soaking Tubs

Nice big tubs that you can use to just take a soak in were popular in the early 90s and then faded out of favor for a while.

This trend is making a comeback, with many people adding soaking tubs as a way to turn a large bathroom into a home spa. If you like to relax, adding a soaking tub can be a great idea. A soaking tub is designed to be separate from your shower and is usually oversized in comparison to a typical tub so that an adult can easily fit their entire body into the tub.

Bathroom Design Trend #2: Multiple Showerheads

When it comes to your shower space, why just stick to one showerhead? Having multiple overhead showerheads, which you can control independently, is trending right now. Having the showerhead placed overhead can create a more relaxing feeling in your shower.

Bathroom Design Trend #3: Framed Mirrors

Another trend to embrace your new bathroom is a framed mirror. Floating mirrors were popular for years, but now framed mirrors are making a comeback. Framed mirrors can add more style to your bathroom and allow for an extra splash of color.

Bathroom Design Trend #4: Extra Outlets

There are lots of uses for outlets in bathrooms. Maybe you need somewhere to plug in your hairdryer or hair straightener. Or maybe you need somewhere to plug in your chargeable razor or toothbrush. Don't make the mistake of overlooking outlets in your bathroom.

To keep things safe, you are going to want to install GFCI outlets, which are specifically designed to prevent electric shock if water comes into contact with the outlet. The outlet is designed to shut itself down if water comes into contact with it.

Get creative when it comes to outlet locations in your bathroom. You can put outlets inside of drawers, making it easier for you to charge items or plug in hair tools.

Bathroom Design Trend #5: Floating Toilets

When people think of a toilet, they picture something mounted to the floor. However, your toilet doesn't have to be mounted to the floor. With a floating toilet, the tank and the discharge line for the toilet area in the wall, allowing the toilet to be mounted to the wall and essentially "float" over the ground. This can open up floor space and can give your bathroom a more streamlined appeal.

As you design your bathroom space in your custom home, incorporate new trends that appeal to you, and classic bathroom trends that you enjoy. Your bathroom should be a functional and relaxing place at the same time, and how you design your bathroom will greatly impact how you feel when using your bathroom in your new custom home.

For more information, talk to a local custom home builder.