Finding water in the basement is just about the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with. But when you do find water dripping down the walls or even coming in forcefully through a crack, you'll want to react fast to limit the damage. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the immediate aftermath of finding water in your basement.

Make Sure You Have Found and Stopped the Source Before You Start Repairing Damage

Water on or behind the walls in your basement could be from a wide variety of different things. You could have water seeping down from a shaky foundation or condensation forming on the walls thanks to high humidity. While you will want to wipe away any excess water you find, you will also want to hunt down the main source of the problem. Starting repair work without completely fixing the issue is just a waste of time. Consider hiring a professional if needed to figure out the source of the issue.

Don't Complete Any Work With Standing Water in the Basement

If your basement wall has a crack in it, it's possible that each rainstorm could bring a bit of water into the room. If you do have a problem with standing water, make sure you use your sump pump or another method to completely remove all water from the basement before you begin any repair work. You don't want to risk an electrical shock or any other kind of physical harm like slipping and falling while trying to walk back and forth through standing water. As soon as you notice standing water, cut the power supply to the basement if possible.

A Quick Fix Might Be Fine for Now, but Home Basement Waterproofing Is the Way to Go

Once you've figured out and stopped the source of the problem and ensured safe working conditions, it's time to actually make the repair. Use cement to close down a crack in the wall, eradicate any mold buildup and so on. But for best results going forward, it might be time to finally give your basement a full waterproofing. Home basement waterproofing can help ensure that your basement will remain dry the next time a thunderstorm rolls through. It can allow you to open your basement windows on a warm day without worrying about the humid air leading to additional condensation on your walls. Reach out to a local contractor today for more information