When you remodel your entire kitchen, you will want your space to look fresh and new for many years to come. Unfortunately, many people choose building materials that can look dated fast, which can spell trouble for your interior design aesthetic. Here are three hot kitchen cabinet trends to keep in mind, and how to use them in your home. 

1. Gold Door Pulls

Gone are the days of only seeing one color in kitchens. While silver door pulls were once all the rage in kitchens across the country, many homeowners are opting for more natural tones, such as gold and brass. If you are thinking about incorporating gold door pulls, think about how it looks when paired next to your chosen cabinet material. Gold looks incredible next to multi-faceted wood finishes, burgundy, and even navy blue. For a really fresh take on incorporating gold, pair it with white or even emerald green. 

2. Natural Elements Mixed With Painted Components

Instead of having very one-note types of kitchens that only contain one kind of cabinet, some homeowners are mixing together natural elements alongside painted cabinets. For instance, some people are choosing to leave their upper cabinets a natural wood finish, while having their lower cabinets painted a deeper shade. This point and counterpoint creates a more natural, organic feeling, which can really open up the space. If you are thinking about mixing different cabinetry options, bring along a sample of your cabinet materials to the paint store for selecting the second color, so you can choose complimentary shades. 

3. Open Shelving 

While kitchen cabinets are perfect for hiding bulky kitchen tools, sometimes, the door can also act as a barrier, which can be frustrating if you need to grab something quickly. To resolve this problem, some homeowners are opting to incorporate some open shelving alongside the other cabinets. 

This flexible take on cabinetry helps to create a kitchen that gives homeowners easy access to things like cups and mugs, while hiding away less attractive utensils and plates. As an added bonus, open shelving doesn't take up as much space, which can help to create an airy feeling inside your kitchen. 

When you are ready to start your kitchen remodel, take the time to talk with professionals, like Logan Construction, at length about your project. Ask about costs, total time to complete the project, and how the project will be managed moving forward. Remember, when you start a remodel, take pictures along the way so you can see how far you have come.