When you are building a new home, you may not know exactly what to do. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made, and it's all on paper. Once your house starts to be built, the decisions are a bit more cosmetic, but building decisions on a custom house are things you have to live with throughout the time that you own your home. Some things are more difficult to change, such as room sizes. To help you decide, read on for some splurges you won't regret.  

1. Large Kitchen

A larger kitchen is something you won't regret. If you want a galley kitchen, you can still have this look, by simply extending the size and going for a larger galley area and an open space in front of the kitchen island. You may want to go with a larger space in order to entertain at some point, and a small kitchen isn't going to allow for this. Talk to your builder about having a larger kitchen or an open concept design to allow for better entertaining. You can use the island in the galley for eating meals, or you can have your kitchen open up to a dining space with a table for more formal dining.

2. Bigger Bathroom Or More Bathrooms

A bigger bathroom with more space is something else you won't regret, especially when it's a master bathroom or a bathroom that will be shared with others. If you have a large family, for instance, you're going to want more space, or at least more bathrooms to accommodate your large family. Just one bathroom for a family may not cut it. You should consider at least two bathrooms in your home, including potentially a smaller powder or half bathroom.

3. More Storage Space

Closets and storage space are a big necessity in any home. You want to be able to have space to put your belongings away so that they are out of sight. This includes a closet when you walk in for coats and shoes, a closet for your cleaning supplies, a pantry, large closets in each bedroom, and a linen closet. Having these spaces ensures you have enough storage in your home. You may not have a lot of belongings now, but once you move into your new home, you'll be surprised at how much you can accumulate.

If you are building a new home, these are a few of the splurges you want to have added to your design. You won't regret these additions, and they can be a big selling point when or if you move on to your next forever home. Contact a custom home building service for more information.