If you own an apartment complex, it's time to consider fencing it in and adding a security gate. The fence will pay for itself in short order as the property value increases.

1. Tenant Security

Tenants are understandably concerned about their safety in their home. A fence with a gated entrance reduces the chances of intruders breaking into apartments or vehicles. Tenants can also feel safer when walking to and from their apartment late at night since the chances of being accosted by someone that doesn't live in the complex are much slimmer if the property is fenced in. 

2. Aesthetic Value

Fences can make your property look more attractive to passersby, particularly if you choose fencing that is both secure and ornamental. Wrought iron fencing gives a stately and classical look to both modern and older apartment buildings. Vinyl fencing, whether solid fencing or pickets, can make a place look homey and welcoming. Choose a fence that provides the level of security your building needs while also fitting the look of the property.

3. Landscape Management

Fences can actually help your landscaping company maintain the property. Fences can prevent garbage and debris from blowing into the property, thus helping to keep the ground cleaner. Further, fences prevent people from cutting through your property and wearing paths through the lawns and landscaping beds. Install concrete thresholds under the fence and you won't have to worry about scrubby plants growing along the fence line.

4. Increase Property Value

A nice looking fence, particularly one that is gated and provides for tenant security, can increase the value of your property. You don't have to wait until you sell the complex to benefit from the higher value, either. Many tenants are willing to pay higher rent to live in a secure apartment complex. Compare the average rent for your unfenced property against the average for similar fenced complexes to get an idea of how much the fence can increase value.

5. Property Crime Prevention

Property crime doesn't just affect your tenants. Vandalism can cost you out of pocket, as well. Graffiti, illegal dumping, and small thefts of items around the property can add up. In some cases, damages can be severe, such as stolen appliances from laundry rooms or clubhouses. Fencing in the property cuts down on access, which in turn will prevent property crimes that affect you and your tenants.

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