Earth sheltered homes have been around for decades, but are now getting more attention because of the concern about the environment and an appreciation for nature. However, these homes are often custom-built because they are meant to blend in with nature. The following are a few things to know about them.

There are many features to having an earth sheltered home

Although earth sheltered homes are often called underground homes, they can be built with one side facing the sunlight. This is a common design and allows for the sun to provide heat in a home that is already insulated by the ground. In addition, you will still have natural light in your home coming from one direction. The open area will also allow for a good view. Another feature of this type of home is that the ground provides outstanding insulation from sound, so your home is very quiet. And if you are living in an area that is subject to strong winds, you will find that an underground home will be unaffected.

An earth sheltered home is close to nature

When you build this type of home, you are literally integrating into the environment. As such, you may want to work with an earth home building service for this project. When your home is built, you do not want any harm to come to the environment. Once it is finished and you move in, you will be much closer to nature than people who live in traditional, tract homes. It will seem as if you are a part of nature.

It is best to hire a professional building service

Although there are many things to like about an earth sheltered home, there are two problems that must be addressed: mold and leaking issues. The reason for this is the ground itself. Although the surface of the earth may be dry, underneath it is moist. This can lead to problems with mold that are greater than that of a house on the surface. And because of the high humidity, an underground home may be subject to leaks. However, by using a professional underground home building service, the design of your home can be such that it minimizes this issue so that it is no different from a home built on the surface.

Earth sheltered homes offer many features. They are insulated by the ground so that the home is warm and quiet. And although these houses are earth sheltered, many of them are design with one side open to sunlight that provides light and a view. People living in this type of home have integrated their lives with nature. But because there can be issues with moisture that leads to problems with leaks and mold, you should employ an earth sheltered home builder to both design and build your underground home. Contact an earth home building service for more information.