Lately, you may have noticed that your heating and air conditioning bills are slowly increasing each month. Especially if you have a newer system in your house, you may be wondering what could be causing the unexplained spike. 

If so, there is a possibility that your home's insulation has started to deteriorate. Below are a couple of signs that it may be time to have it replaced with newer, more energy-efficient insulation.

1.  Drafts in Your Home That Do Not Seem to Have a Source

One sign that your home's current insulation is no longer able to provide an adequate barrier to the outside air is when you start noticing drafts in your house. After checking to see that all windows and doors are closed and undamaged, you may be unable to ascertain the drafts' source.

Especially if the insulation has deteriorated enough to form gaps inside your walls, the air from outside can easily pass through them. The air could penetrate through the layers, or it may be coming through holes at the top where the walls meet the roof.

When this happens, even the smallest gaps or cracks in your home's walls will allow the air to flow freely through your house, creating drafts. These drafts can be cold or hot, depending on the season and the temperature of the air outside. 

2.  Walls Feel Cold or Hot When You Place Your Hand on Them

Even if you do not find any noticeable drafts, the outdoor air could still be affecting the temperature in your house and your heating and air conditioning system's ability to moderate the ambient temperature. The hot or cold air could be radiating from the walls, especially in areas where the insulation is thin or missing.

To test the radiant temperature of the walls, place your palm in one corner, and run your hand along the walls. If you notice drastic changes in the way the walls feel, the insulation is allowing air through and needs to be replaced.

If you can easily feel the outside air in your house, it may be time to think about having the insulation in your walls replaced. If you believe that this is the case, contact an insulation company near you to have a contractor come to your house to fully inspect what is currently inside your walls and discuss any available options with you for having new insulation installed.