Constructing your own home puts all of the power in your hands. In addition to being able to choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll have, you also get the luxury of deciding which fixtures and features to include in the house. It's a very satisfying experience, especially if you have always lived in pre-built properties or apartment buildings. When you are working with your general contractor and architect to determine what kind of amenities to draw into the plans, it's important to know what you want and how it will benefit you. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely have a fireplace in your next home.

Cut Energy Costs With A Fireplace

Aside from the money you will likely have to pay for your mortgage, your utilities could be your next most costly expense. Heating the home during those chilly winter days can cause your energy bill to soar so high that you may be shocked at how much you have to pay just to maintain pleasant living conditions. Giving some thought to how much you are able to pay for heating costs ahead of time allows you to put in the right provisions from the very beginning. Installing a fireplace is a great way to keep your energy invoices at a manageable level.

A good fireplace can generally heat up an entire room. If you have an open floor plan, the heat can spread, possibly warming the entire floor where the fireplace is located. You and the family are then able to bunk in the living room around the fireplace and turn the central heating unit off. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your loved ones, but you can also enjoy more budget-friendly energy bills.

Keep Warm During Blackouts

Your lights can go out at any time. There could be a city-wide blackout, or maybe your own system shorts out, leaving you in the dark for an extended length of time. When you have a fireplace, you get to bask in the light thrown off by the flames and can also keep the cold at bay until your system is restored. The fireplace is a wonderful backup plan that allows you to beat the cold during an emergency situation.

Fireplaces add a cozy ambiance to any room, making it easy to set up romantic evenings with the one you love. Ask your general contractor to put a fireplace in your new home to see how much it benefits your household.

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