Your septic tank drainfield has a direct effect on the performance of your septic tank. This is where the wastewater ends up once it's broken down by bacteria. You should call septic tank drainfield repair services if you notice the signs that indicate a drainfield issue. The drainfield plays a crucial role, and you need to inspect it regularly. If you notice signs of imminent failure, you should call drainfield repair professionals before toxic waste seeps into your property. Repairing your drainfield quickly ensures your septic system will operate properly. The following are signs you need to call septic tank drainfield repair technicians.

Rising Water

If the pipes in your drainfield break and crack, they release huge volumes of wastewater in the drainfield area. This leads to puddles and pools forming over the soft ground. If the drainfield is clogged, it causes water to rise in your septic tank. Consequently, water backs up through the tank's inlet and gradually enters your home through the lowest drain pipes. If the septic tank drainfield repair professional discovers high water levels when inspecting the tank, you need repairs.

Slow Drains

When your drains slow down, it signals a clogged sewer pipe or a compromised drainfield. If the pipes leading to the drainfield are clogged, water from your showers will move slowly from your home to the tank, and eventually to the drainfield. If the pipes aren't blocked or cracked, water will still flow but at a slow pace. If you realize the tank is about to fill up completely, contact skilled septic tank drainfield repair specialists. They will diagnose and repair your drainfield and offer restoration services if it was a critical situation.

Developing Odors

If septic water is flowing into the drainfield and it's not filtered, it could cause weird smells. You can walk around the area and check for signs of odors or solid leaking into the field. If it's a faint odor, it signals a bigger drainfield problem. Call septic tank drainfield repair professionals to clean the pipes and repair any other issues. If you've noticed black sludge, it means hazardous solids are leaking into the drainfield.

Water Puddles in the Drainfield

Have you seen soggy patches in your yard near the leech field? If you notice evergreen areas and stagnant pools of water, it could be a cracked pipe issue. Equally, puddles indicate that the gravel isn't treating the water properly. Also, excess water from your home can lead to puddle formation. If your septic tank system has drainfield issues, contact septic tank drainfield repair services near you.