The last thing you want is to find your home without running water because your well pump has stopped working. While you cannot eliminate this possibility, you can certainly minimize the risk by properly maintaining your well pump throughout the duration of its lifespan. As you will learn below, performing this maintenance is both time and cost-effective. 

Keep Your Fans Clear of Debris

Your pump's cooling fans play a very important role in the proper function of your well water system. Unfortunately, these fans can easily collect debris such as spiderwebs, dry leaves, and grass with time. If this debris is not cleaned away regularly, these fans will not be able to properly cool your pump and can result in overheating. Overheating can greatly reduce the lifespan of your well pump and ultimately cause it to fail long before its expected lifespan has expired. To prevent this type of issue you should get in the habit of cleaning your cooling fans several times a year.

Visually Inspect for Cracks and Leaks

Your well pump cover can suffer cracks if struck by debris as the result of severe weather. Airborne debris that is flung by your lawnmower can also result in this cap becoming cracked. In addition to negatively impacting the function of your well pump, these cracks can also increase the risk of your well becoming contaminated as insects, rodents, and sediment can make their way into even very small cracks.

When visually inspecting your well pump and well cover for cracks, you should also look for any signs of leaking or dripping water. If you spot dripping or standing water around your pump or pressure tank, you will want to call in a professional repair service right away to address the issue before any leaks can spread. 

This type of visual inspection should be performed at least a few times a year, as well as any time that your area experiences severe weather that could have resulted in potential damage.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

While the do-it-yourself maintenance steps outlined above can help to greatly reduce the chances of a well pump failure, it is still important to have your pump and other aspects of your well water system professionally inspected and repaired every few years. This professional maintenance will help to ensure you can catch any potential problems with your well pump or pressure tank in their earliest stages so that they can be repaired before they result in a system failure and the need for an expensive repair or system replacement.