People having a customized home constructed enjoy selecting various features that might not be entirely common. An example is electric baseboard heating with separate thermostats in each room. Electric heat costs more than gas-fueled systems do, but it has certain advantages. Although programmable thermostats have become increasingly popular for a centralized heating system, many homeowners like being able to keep some rooms at different temperatures. 

Baseboard Heating Advantages

Baseboard heating does not stir up dust as forced-air furnaces do. It is quieter, and the heat is more consistent without the occasional blasts of air coming through the vents. If any furnace duct work is in a crawlspace, the initial air coming through those vents is noticeably cold before the warm air follows.

In addition, the cost of equipment and installation is lower than a forced-air system, which reduces the price of home construction. Baseboard heaters also last longer than furnaces do.


Having thermostats in each room is convenient for providing relatively precise heat. These devices are available in digital and mechanical models. Most commonly, multiple mechanical dial thermostats are installed because of affordability.


A person working remotely from home can keep the room warm and cozy while having the temperature lower in other areas. With a central thermostat, the only effective way to accomplish this is with a space heater. 

Household residents sleeping in different bedrooms can have remarkably contrasting preferences for the best temperatures. While one individual likes flannel pajamas and several blankets, another feels claustrophobic in this setup. One person may sleep better when the temperature is relatively low, while another never feels warm with the thermostat at that particular setting.


The main issue with multiple devices is that someone must remember to turn the setting down when leaving the room for several hours or longer. For example, a person who turns a bathroom thermostat up for morning showering will waste a significant amount of electricity if it's left at that setting all day.

A solution is to place a reminder near the exit door of each room and at the exterior doors. Another option is setting a timed alert on the smartphone. One household resident might accept the responsibility of checking all the devices before everyone leaves for the day or goes to bed.

Finalizing Plans

While planning new home construction, property owners can discuss their heating and cooling system preferences with the contractor of their choice. Once all plans are finalized, the dream of a customized home is ready to become reality.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about baseboard heating.