Your fireplace is one of the areas of your home where safety is important. Over time, the fires can cause wear and damage to the chimney. As the chimney wears, there are going to be some repairs that are needed to ensure you can use your fireplace safely. The following fireplace hazards are some of the issues that you are going to have to deal with:

Old Damage Masonry

If you have an older masonry chimney, damage to the brickwork can be a serious problem. The masonry may need to be retrofitted with a modern flue pipe if it is too damaged. If you retrofit your chimney with a flue pipe, the exterior masonry can still be restored. This will give you a fireplace with a safer, modern design and preserve the original brickwork finish on the outside of the chimney. 

Chimney Damper Issues

There may also be issues with the chimney damper that need to be repaired. The damper is what controls the flow of air, smoke, and gases that leave the fireplace through the chimney. These are often iron, which can corrode and deteriorate over time. Replacing the fireplace damper may be a repair that you need to have done to your chimney. The chimney damper must work correctly to ensure the gases and smoke can escape when there is a fire in the fireplace.

Leaks Around the Chimney

The roof around the chimney can leak and cause issues with your fireplace too. These problems can lead to water damage and mold growth. You should have any leaks around the chimney repaired to ensure they don't cause more damage to the fireplace. In addition, you also want to inspect the chimney cap for leaks and have it replaced if it is damaged or deteriorating.

Deteriorated Flue Pipes

The flue pipes of your fireplace are where many of the problems with hazards start. You should have the chimney cleaned if you use your fireplace regularly. Neglecting this maintenance can cause hazards and leads to wear. The flue pipe can deteriorate due to the buildup inside it. When it gets too dirty, it causes a fire hazard due to the resin that builds up inside them. This can also lead to the pipes deteriorating and needing to be replaced.  

The problems with your fireplace start with the chimney and need to be repaired to ensure you can safely use it. Contact a chimney repair service like Sposato Masonry if you need help.