Installing a new well on your property is a great way to upgrade your family's water supply and also become more self-efficient as a household. But when it comes to water wells, there are different ways of installing or setting them up. A deeper water well with a submersible well pump that is completely underwater does offer some benefits. It's true that this kind of setup costs more money during installation, but there are a number of reasons why this might be the right way to go. Here's why you should ask about submersible pumps when talking to your contractor about your new water well.

A Submersible Pump Already Has Water Ready to Go

With an above-ground well pump, some water can be stored in a bladder, but the pump will need to work to constantly bring fresh water up from the well when you have it running in your house, like say, when you take a shower. With a submersible well pump, the pump itself is underwater and there's no delay in getting the water pumped out of the house and on its way to your house.

Submersible Pumps Lead to Better Energy Efficiency

Because a submersible pump has water immediately available, it doesn't have to work as hard or as often to keep your house supplied with the water that you need. What this means for you is that while your submersible pump may be more expensive to install, it can save you money in the long run because it won't use as much energy to get the job done. This energy efficiency will show up in your electric bill over time and the savings will eventually add up.

Protection From the Elements and Other Above-Ground Concerns

With an above-ground well pump, you need to keep an eye out after every rainstorm or other weather event and make sure that Mother Nature is not causing damage to your pump. A well pump that is underwater is protected from the elements to a certain extent so this won't be as much of a concern. Above-ground pumps also sometimes have issues with wiring becoming loose or bugs like ants making their way into the pump. Submersible pumps still need regular maintenance and care, but there are fewer concerns like this because of the location. Finally, most submersible pumps are simply built better with tighter seals because the manufacturer knows they will be underwater. The better quality construction means a submersible well pump will likely last longer with less wear and tear over time.

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