Every appliance has a unique lifespan depending on the type, make, and quality. Dishwashers have a short lifespan of nine years, while refrigerators and dryers can last for over 15 years. Gas-powered appliances tend to last longer than those using electricity. 

During an appliance's lifetime, it might break down several times, needing appliance replacement parts. As reported by Consumer Reports, 40% of refrigerators will develop an issue within the first five years, and the same applies to 30% of dishwashers.

It is best not to wait until the appliance breaks down to replace the parts. By doing regular maintenance, you will find old and worn-out parts that require replacing. To keep your devices in good working condition:

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using the appliance.

  • Have appliances cleaned and well maintained. 

  • Have an experienced technician regularly inspect and carry out maintenance tasks.

  • Take care of any detected issues fast.

When your appliance breaks down, what next?

Call an Experienced and Reliable Technician

Even when you can detect the problem, it's always advisable to call in an experienced technician to troubleshoot. First, determining whether the appliance needs replacement or repairing the broken parts will solve the problem. 

It's always good to have this in mind when making a purchase. You'll be better prepared even psychologically when it happens. Start shopping for a reliable and experienced technician right after purchase. Find out if they're skilled in dealing with the appliance type and model.

Always Use Original Replacement Parts 

A professional and experienced  technician will use genuine, dependable appliance replacement parts to prolong the appliance's life and boost efficiency. Using substandard or incorrect replacement parts can damage the device more. Always check the replacement parts and make sure they are original and from a certified dealer. 

Sometimes, genuine replacement parts can cost more than substandard parts. Although a lower price can be enticing, don't fall for it. You might end up spending more than you should or damaging the appliance. 

Some movable parts and filters wear out quickly and need regular cleaning to boost efficiency. Without timely replacement of worn-out or broken parts, your appliance will use more energy to perform the tasks. 

Your energy consumption bill will go up, and you risk damaging the device. Regular cleaning and oiling of movable parts are simple practices that can significantly boost efficiency and prolong the device's life. Your owner's manual should tell you how regularly your appliance needs maintenance.