Investing in having the crawl spaces, basement and other low areas of your home waterproofed is an investment that can offer substantial physical protection to the house as well as making the interior a more comfortable place to occupy.

Reduce The Chances Of Developing Foundation Damage

Problems with the foundation of the house are among the most significant issues that you may encounter. Water damage is one of the most common reasons for homes to encounter these problems. Waterproofing the lower areas of the house can prevent the water from starting to accumulate in these areas, which can significantly reduce the chances of the foundation suffering significant water damage. In addition to waterproofing the interior of the home, you may also want to address any exterior areas of the property that are close to the home and that experience water accumulation when it is raining or after you water your yard.

Stop Mold From Forming And Spreading Throughout The Home

Mold growing in the home is another problem that has the potential to cause major disruptions, damage, and quality-of-life problems. While it is possible to restore a home that has experienced this type of damage, it may be possible to avoid this damage by preventing moist conditions from being able to develop in areas of the home. Lower areas of the house can be especially prone to having moist conditions due to the heavy, moist air throughout the house gradually settling into these areas. A waterproofing system can utilize humidity control systems to prevent excessive amounts of condensation from forming. This will help prevent the moist conditions that mold needs to thrive in your house.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A moisture control problem in an area of your home can contribute to the rest of the house developing air quality problems. This results from the ability of bacteria and fungi to grow in the moist conditions, and they can release gases or spores that may spread through the house and cause the interior to have an unpleasant odor. Older homes may experience this problem more severely than newer homes as a result of their more limited insulation and the potential for gaps to have formed. Both of these factors could make it easier for the odors from the moist area of the house to move throughout the interior of the house. While this may be an underappreciated benefit of waterproofing the lower areas of the house, it can be a factor that has a big impact on your day-to-day quality of life.

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